Lancefield Bushfires (Melbourne Landscape Photography)

I was asked to take some images of a property that had recently been impacted by a severe bushfire in Lancefield, Victoria. A week and a half after the fires and with the police finally opening up the roads, I was confronted with the ferocity of nature and our fragility within her. Miraculously, the house that was surrounded by this forest was defended and saved. And while the habitat for the wildlife and the wildlife itself has been lost, I … Continue reading Lancefield Bushfires (Melbourne Landscape Photography)

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The Colours of White Collection (Melbourne Commercial Photography)

Working with clever and talented artists is absolutely a perk of my job. Recently I worked with graphic artist Durham White and his Kyneton, Victoria based gallery the Colours of White Collection. His work is so incredibly vivid and inspires return viewings, maybe because of the hypnotic use of layers or perhaps it’s the complexity of colours threaded together. Amazing. Along with his incredible artworks, his gallery sells other products that I found difficult not to covet. Durham’s online store … Continue reading The Colours of White Collection (Melbourne Commercial Photography)

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The Eighth Floor (Melbourne Commercial Photography)

Thank God I met Suzi from The Eighth Floor! Follicle magician. Superb stylist. Brilliant human. Her beautiful salon The Eighth Floor is housed in the iconic Manchester Unity Building in the heart of Melbourne and is truly worth the visit for a ramble around the stately halls but mostly for the brilliant styling courtesy of Suzi. X

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Jules + Ali (Melbourne Wedding Photography)

The day that Jules and Ali got married it was cold, it was wet and it was dark. Melbourne in July. Improvisational portrait shoots were taken on tiny apartment balconies, under street lamps and wedged between tables. But these beautiful legends kept spirits high and spread their love around, reminding me that beach weddings are way overrated and winter night magic is where its at. L X

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Kate + Alexander + Marlowe (Melbourne Family Photographer)

So.Much.Love! I’ve worked with Kate and Alexander before on other projects but when they asked me to come and photograph them at home with their exquisite new daughter Marlowe I was weepy at the sight of this loving family. It really was a pleasure shooting these wonderful people. And check out that impressive head of hair on gorgeous Marlowe!

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A shiny new website!

How sweet is that?! I’ve been really busy reinvigorating this website and working with some fantastic new clients. More posts to come shortly but for now, I hope you can take a look around and let me know what you think. I hope you love the site as much as I do. With thanks to the talented Joel for helping me give new life to my digital existence.

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